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Parking health assessment applications

Annually, but staggered due to locations during August, October/November each year staff and students are invited by the Transport Office to apply for parking permits valid for the next year. This application process is only open for a short period and we would advise if you have a health issue requiring mobility or parking assessment as part of your submission you should contact the Occupational Health Unit (OHU) as early as possible in anticipation of this period.

Parking permit applicants are required by The Parking Office to complete an assessment questionnaire to ascertain their needs for a permit including an assessment of mobility or medical reason why parking may need to be supported. OHU assists the Parking Office in their requirements for this assessment, in order that any medical information remains confidential and workplace adjustments required to meet the terms of disability and equality legislation are considered.

OHU are usually involved in the assessment of staff applying for parking permits in cases where applicants do not meet requirement for obtaining disability parking permits but do require support due to temporary illness or mobility issues. These assessments are usually associated with temporary difficulties for the applicant and staff with permanent requirements should be encouraged to apply for a ‘blue badge’.

Government Blue Badge Scheme

If you have previously applied and been refused support please only submit an application if there has been a change in your circumstance or update to your medical information. If you have not previously had your parking application supported by the OHU, you should complete and return the following parking assessment form, giving the detail requested in the form to allow assessment of your submission. Please note the OHU part of the assessment relates to medical aspects of requirement for parking only, parking spaces are limited and criteria for medical support is usually where mobility or the inability to use alternative transport might prevent work.

Parking health assessment application form (WORD)

Parking health assessment application form (PDF)

Occupational Health Service

Contact details

The OHU will contact you to arrange an assessment appointment where required. There may be a requirement to attend for assessment and/or provide evidence to obtain support eg you may be required to consent to provision of a GP report.

Subsequent assessments

If you have previously had your permit application supported by OHU you should contact OHU giving your details to allow us to check your records although as stated previously you would be expected to obtain a blue badge if you have a permanent or long term need to park.