Occupational Health Unit

For managers

This information and guidance is intended to aid managers with their occupational health duties.

Travel Health - for Managers

Travel health
Health advice and guidance for managers with staff who travel overseas on work related business.

General health

General Health
The Occupational Health Unit provides various guidance and services for staff in relation to general health concerns or issues.


Speedy health intervention to help you enter work, remain at work or to return to work safely and positively.

Physiotherapy - information for managers

As part of their approach and encouragement toward proactive health interventions, the Occupational Health Unit (OHU) has recently been funded for and set up a physiotherapy referral scheme, utilising the services of the Fitness Assessment and Sports Injuries Centre (FASIC), whereby staff may be referred by an Occupational Health Unit Adviser to the services of a Physiotherapist.

Health Surveillance

The Occupational Health Unit provides statutorily required Health Surveillance for individual staff members who have been identified by local risk assessment as being exposed to various hazards (e.g. allergens, respiratory or skin sensitisers, noise, etc).

Mental wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing is an important issue within the workplace and awareness of the need to manage the health of employees including mental health is increasing.

Parking health assessment

Guidance in relation to support for parking permit applications on health grounds

Parking health assessment

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