Occupational Health Service

Occupational Ill Health reporting

Any employee who feels he / she is suffering from a health problem which may be work related, should contact the Occupational Health Unit to discuss the problem via the information routes below.

The University has a duty under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992, to protect University employees' health against hazards in the workplace.

What is a case of confirmed or suspected occupational ill health?

There are many conditions which may be attributable to occupational activities.

Some typical examples of health problems which may be work related include:

  • Dermatitis attributed to glove use or substance used at work
  • Allergy type symptoms including breathlessness attributed to exposure to allergens in the workplace
  • Musculo-skeletal problems attributed to DSE work, microscope work, or pipetting
  • Stress attributed to work causes

This form should not be used by Managers if they have any concerns regarding sickness absence, general health concerns or wish advice from an Occupational Health Adviser about/for their staff. For referral of staff for any of the above, please use the Referral form.

How to Report a case of Occupational Ill Health

Incident Book

  1. The Occupational Ill health report forms in the Accident, etc Book are in triplicate - Green, Gold and Yellow
  2. Carbon paper is not required when completing the forms. Please ensure the card supplied is inserted beneath the top three pages of the rear section on the book.
  3. Complete each of the sections of the form, and send the GREEN and GOLD copies immediately to the Occupational Health Unit, Drummond Street Annexe, Drummond Street.
  4. The YELLOW copy must be removed and held in a confidential file within the School, etc.

Downloadable form

Complete the Online OIH form and send to the Occupational Health Unit at the address above. Ensure you keep a copy in a confidential file within the School, etc.

Who can report a case of Occupational Ill Health

Anyone can report a case of suspected or confirmed Occupational Ill Health. You should consider notifiying your School/Local Safety adviser of any incident that may require investigation.