Health & Safety Department

Workshops / Maintenance / Contractors

Guidance information and publications produced by the Health and Safety Department which are relevant to work in maintenance or construction.

Asbestos guidance

All guidance on asbestos in the University can now be found on the Estates Department asbestos webpages.

Asbestos information

Local exhaust ventilation

CS CoP004 Local Exhaust Ventilation details the safe management of local exhaust ventilation (LEV) systems. This CoP was approved by the University Safety, Health and Wellbeing Committee at it's November 2022 meeting. A Guidance note accompanies this CoP which covers the general safety guidance, installation and design, safe use, environmental considerations and recirculatory fume cupboards.

In addition, a short Guide for Schools and Departments has been produced to assist Schools/Departments in implementing the new CS CoP004.

Appendix 2 - example log book in WORD format for local amending.

Appendix 3 - contractor induction in WORD format for local amending.

Mechanical workshops

Guidance document for managing a mechanical workshop: Workshop guidance (based on old policy part 4), also see the specific subject areas below.

Confined Spaces

Guidance and advice on working in confined spaces


Guidance and advice on welding

Welding guidance

Wood Workshops

Guidance and advice on working in Wood Workshops

Access to Premises

Guidance and advice regarding access to premises

Work at Height

Guidance and advice for working at heights