Health & Safety Department

Handover arrangements

Arrangements to follow when leaving the University or moving to a new role.

When staff leave the University or move to a new/different role, they and their manager (PI/Supervisor) need to think about the following issues to ensure that health and safety matters are suitably handed over.

Contact details

Let the Health and Safety Department know if the person who is leaving had a health and safety role locally to ensure our contacts lists are updated. Contacts include:


Leave instructions on how to work equipment.

Leave details on maintenance or regular testing contracts.


Ensure labs or other workspaces are correctly decomissioned to ensure the areas are left in a safe manner.


Ensure staff who should no longer have access have those access rights removed. This may be by handing in the door keys or removing swipe card access.

Other considerations

  • Exit health surveillance appointment may be required if staff member is leaving or moving to a new position where health surveillance is no longer required. An appointment should be made by contacting Occupational Health Service (
  • COSHH Health Record - if the member of staff has a COSHH Health Record within CHPS, remind them they can download a copy (as a pdf via a button on their record in the system) and take it with them to their new employer as they will no longer be able to access the system once they are no longer employed at the University.
  • Arrange final dosimeter reading date with the RPU (