Health & Safety Department

Disposal of chemicals

All chemicals used in laboratories must be disposed of safely and legally.

The disposal of waste is controlled by legislation, and there are very few chemicals that can be legally discharged into the public sewage system. Chemicals must not be ordered, stored, or used in any activity until thought has been given to the proper disposal of any waste material which may result from that chemicals use. It falls to individual users to ensure that their chemicals are disposed of in accordance with the "Duty of Care", outlined by the Environmental Protection Act. Advice should be taken from Principal Investigators, Supervisors, or the School Safety Adviser, as appropriate, on waste disposal procedures.

The Waste and Recycling Office have produced extensive guidance on assessment of Hazardous Waste and the disposal routes for University Schools / Departments. This guidance must be followed by all University staff.

Waste and Recycling Office - Laboratory waste guidance