Fire Safety Unit

Fire reporting

Details of how to report a fire or faulty/missing fire equipment.

All fires, and injuries caused by fires, which occur on the University estate must be reported to the Fire Safety Unit as soon as practicable, if not immediately, as part of the University Emergency Procedures.

University Security are usually informed of all fire alarm activations and report their findings on an internal form (Fire Incident Form (Security) ) to the University Fire Safety Adviser. Where fire is reported by the occupiers, Security duly inform the University Fire Safety Adviser who will attend as required.

When occupiers tackle a small fire without alerting security on operating the fire alarm they must inform the UFSA by email as soon as possible giving details of the incident as well as subsequently completing the online form, see below. On every occasion of a fire, an investigation will be carried out by FSU personnel and the Fire and Rescue Service to ensure University procedures are correct.

The incident must also be reported to the person in charge of the building or area who is required to ensure a report is completed.

On every occasion of fire, personnel should also comply with University Emergency Procedures and complete the online Fire Reporting form.

This is the same as the Accident and Incident online reporting form.

Accident and incident reporting system

This form can be completed online and submitted electronically to report any accidents, incidents or dangerous occurrences.

QR code for the AIR system
QR code for the AIR system

Visitor or Contractor?

Please use the link above and follow the onscreen instructions on how to report an accident.

Guidance on completing the form

Full instructions on how to complete the online form is available on the accident system wiki.

How to complete the paper Accident book

Data Protection

Information on how the Health and Safety Department uses your details in relation to the Data Protection Act.

Fire equipment fault reporting

Log in to the EBIS Fault Reporting system, then choose ‘Fire Equipment’ as the Trade. Please note for faulty bulbs in Emergency Escape lights, please choose Electrician as the Trade.