Fire Safety Unit

Management responsibilities

This section details all roles and responsibilities which have a fire safety management aspect, with guidance on how to comply with these responsibilities

The information published on these webpages are supplementary to the University Health and Safety Policy and Framework and must be read in conjunction with them.

Management Responsibility

These management arrangements apply to all University premises and activities falling, to any extent, under the University’s control. The arrangements sets down the framework with which the University and all members of the University’s community are expected to comply in regard to their relevant duties. The responsibility for statutory compliance with the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 is held by the University Court, with the management and supervision of the arrangements for fire safety devolved from the Principal to the relevant Heads of Schools and others dependent on role. The devolved responsibilities will ensure that the statutory responsibilities, in respect of the undertakings required to meet compliance with the Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulation’s 2006, are diligently met.

The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 requires each employer and person who has control of a relevant premise, to any extent, to carry out an assessment of the premises to identify any risks to the safety of relevant persons in respect of harm caused by fire and to take all reasonable fire safety measures to ensure the safety of relevant persons within the relevant premise. The fire safety management diagram details the managerial delivery process to ensure all fire safety provisions are managed effectively.

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