Fire Safety Unit

Fire safety risk assessment

Details of the fire safety risk assessment programme


The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 places a statutory duty on each employer to carry out an assessment of the workplace for the purpose of identifying any risks to the safety of the employees, students, visitors and others in respect of harm caused by fire. The Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006, detail the arrangements that are required to meet the requirements of the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and include specific directions for;

•             Fire safety arrangements

•             Elimination or reduction of risks from dangerous substances

•             Means for fighting fire and means for giving warning in event of fire

•             Means of escape

•             Procedures for serious and imminent danger from fire

•             Maintenance arrangements

•             Safety assistance

•             Information for employees

•             Training


To facilitate the risk assessment process all relevant premises within the University’s estate will be categorised based on the risk posed to life and to property. The property risk will be assessed in accordance with the categorisation shown in Table 1.  Additionally, risk assessments must be reviewed on a regular basis and whenever any material changes are likely to impact on the fire safety provision. Risk assessments will be completed for all relevant premises and reviewed in accordance with the target frequency shown in column 3 of the table below.

Fire risk safety risk assessment frequency
Risk category Building type Review frequency

All Sleeping Risks

Buildings with high occupancy and/or storage of dangerous substances
2 years

All buildings not falling within

Risk Category A or C
3 years

Storage Premises

Non relevant premises

Buildings with less than 5 employees
4 years

The management of Fire Risk Assessments and reviews will be the responsibility of the Fire Safety Unit. Where necessary a report will be produced with specific recommendations for the improvement of fire safety provision within the relevant premises concerned. These will include actions required to be undertaken by the Heads of Management Unit for the building (e.g. improving housekeeping) as well as actions which may possibly require structural modifications to the buildings, which will the responsibility of the Director of Estates. These recommendations will be prioritised in terms of urgency on the basis of the following risk matrix:-


Actions required

Timescale (rec)


No action necessary



Monitor the area and manage appropriately

As required


Efforts are required to reduce the overall risk

4-12 weeks


Urgent action requires to be taken to reduce the overall risk

1-4 weeks


Access to the premises (or part) should be restricted



Form for fire risk assessment (PDF)

Guidance for fire risk assessment (PDF)

Notification of the risk assessment findings will be forwarded to the Head of College, Director of Estates and the nominated local Fire Coordinator.

A copy of the fire risk assessment for every building must be held in the Fire Safety Log Book for the premises located within each relevant building, for viewing by any relevant person.

Fire safety reference manuals

After the fire risk assessment inspection has been completed, we will issue each building in the University with a fire safety reference manual detailing various fire safety records.

Fire Safety Reference Manual Log Sheets

The fire safety reference manual must be kept up-to-date with various records and information. You can download blank log sheets to record this information.