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Fire safety log book

Fire safety log book requirement

Fire safety log book

A fire log book is required for every premise within the University estate. The purpose of the Log Book is to ensure all tests and records are maintained in relation to fire safety provision. This will include records for alarm tests, emergency/escape lighting tests, portable firefighting equipment tests, escape route checks, etc. Additionally a copy of the Fire Safety Risk Assessment and the Fire Action Plan should be placed within the Log book. The maintenance of the Log Book is the responsibility of the Fire Coordinator for the relevant premise.

 All records should be maintained in accordance with the following table:


Maintenance checks required


Check escape routes are clear

Check fire warning panel is functional with no faults


Conduct a test of the fire warning system

Check all fire safety signs and notices are clear and unobstructed

Check all final exit doors are operational

Check self-closing devices and magnetic hold open devices are operational


Functional test of emergency lighting (Estates)

Check presence and location of fire extinguishers

Check operation of fire doors and condition of intumescent strips and smoke seals

3 Monthly

Maintenance check of sprinkler/mist systems (Estates)

6 Monthly

Maintenance check of fire warning systems (Estates)


Extinguisher maintenance (FSU)

Emergency/escape lighting discharge test (Estates)