Fire Safety Unit

Temporary Waiting Spaces (Refuge Space)

Information on Temporary Waiting Spaces

A Temporary Waiting Space (also refferred to as a refuge space) is an area that provides a space to accommodate persons with physical impairments (or any other impaired person) who are unable to independently negotiate stairs in the event of an evacuation.

Where persons are located within a Temporary Waiting Space, it may not be necessary to immediately evacuate. First responders should attempt to determine the cause of an activation or incident before deciding the most appropriate action to take.

In some circumstances, evacuation lifts will be incorporated to assist with evacuation. In each case however, clear concise instruction and procedural guidance requires to be described within the Fire Action Plan to ensure evacuation is robustly controlled irrespective of how it is undertaken.

In conjunction with Temporary Waiting Spaces, Response Teams have been introduced across the University to support the safe evacuation for all persons.