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Transport of Biological Materials

Transport of Biological Materials training is available both as an E-Learning and face to face course. Both courses cover how biological materials must be classified, packaged and labelled for transport.

Course topics

  • an outline of the legislative requirements
  • the basis for classification of certain biological materials as dangerous goods
  • packing requirements including UN type-approved packaging
  • labelling of packages including use of UN numbers, proper shipping names and danger signs
  • use of postal services and couriers


Access to E-Learning course

The course is available via the LEARN platform as an E-Learning course.  The course can be accessed by following the guidance below.

Instructions on how to access the Transport of Biological Materials E-Learning course via LEARN platform

Transport of Biological Materials online course

Availability and Registration for Face to Face course

The Face to Face course runs at various times, to meet demand, or where there is sufficient interest they can be provided to Schools upon request. 

Relevant School/Area Safety Advisors and Biological Safety Advisors will be advised when sessions are available and asked to publicise details within their School/Area.

Please see the training timetable for up to date training dates and times.


To register for the course please log on to MyEd and locate the course within the Event booking channel.



For further details, please contact:

Training Registration

Work: +44 (0)131 651 4255



Anyone in the University whose work involves them preparing biological materials for transport should consider this course.

It is also suitable for those who may no longer work in the laboratory but have managerial, supervisory or advisory responsibilities in these areas.

The content of the face to face and online course is the same but attending the face to face course may be more suitable if further information is required on a particular topic.


The courses last approximately two hours.


A short assessment must be passed to complete the training and if successfully passed a certificate will be issued & provide a training record.

Importantly, completion of this training does not result in certification to transport infectious substances (IATA6.2 certification).  If you plan to transport infectious substances please contact your School/Area Safety Advisor or Biological Safety Advisor.

  • E-Learning course :  The quiz is available after completion of the E-Learning course.        
  • Face to Face course : Following completion of the face to face training, the quiz is available via the LEARN platform.  Please follow the instructions on how to access the Transport of Biological Materials online course via the LEARN platform.

Training slides

The training slides for both courses are available on LEARN.  These can be accessed by following the guidance below.

Instructions on how to access the Transport of biological materials training slides via the LEARN platform.

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