Biosafety Unit

Biological Safety Committee

The Biosafety Unit acts as the secretariat for the Biological Safety Committee. The BSC provides an overview of the University’s work with biological materials and supports the development of the University’s strategy.

Biological Safety Committee Intranet

The Biological Safety Committee reports to the University Health and Safety Committee.

The Committee currently meets twice each year.


The Biological Safety Committee will:

  • Report to the University Health and Safety Committee on all matters relating to biological safety including biological agents, genetically modified organisms, pathogens, toxins and other biological materials.
  • Oversee biological safety in the University in relation to compliance with health and safety law and relevant animal health, plant health and environmental laws.
  • Advise the University and monitor compliance with relevant Statutory Provisions, Approved Codes of Practice and guidance relating to work involving biological materials and will recommend any action to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of employees, students and other persons affected by the activities of the University as well as with the relevant provisions in animal health, plant health and environmental laws,.
  • Advise the University on the provision of appropriate training for employees and students with regard to the hazards arising from the use of biological materials.
  • Study reports of serious actual and regulatory incidents involving biological materials.



Dr David Cavanagh


Dr Phil Walsh (University Biological Safety Adviser, Biological Safety Unit)

Dr Fiona Harris (Biological Safety Training and Development Assistant, Biological Safety Unit)


Mr James Cameron (Safety Adviser, Bioresearch and Veterinary Services)

Mrs Janet Craig (Head of Occupational Health Service)

Dr Simon Daff (GMBSO, School of Chemistry)

Mrs Karen Darling (Deputy Director, Health and Safety Department)

Dr Andy Downes (GMBSO, School of Engineering)

Mr James Griffiths (GMBSO, School of Biomedical Sciences)

Ms Patricia Gonzalez Iglesias (GMBSO, School of Physics and Astronomy)

Dr Sharon Hannah (GMBSO, Chancellors & Queen’s Medical Research Institute)

Mr Iain Kennedy (GMBSO and Safety Manager, School of Biological Sciences)

Dr Laura Lettice (GMBSO, Institute of Genetics and Cancer)

Ms Suzanne Lowrie (GMBSO, National CJD Research and Surveillance Unit)

Mr Lindsay Murray (CMVM Safety Manager, Edinburgh BioQuarter Campus)

Ms Candice Schmid (Occupational Hygiene and Projects Manager)

Mrs Jeni Temperley (GMBSO, Roslin Institute and School of Veterinary Studies and CMVM Safety Manager, Easter Bush Campus)

Mrs Suzanne Thompson (Director, Health and Safety Department)

Dr Paul Travers (GMBSO, Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine)

Vacant (CMVM Safety Manager, Western and REH Campuses)

Vacant (CMVM Safety Manager, Central Campus)

Vacant (GMBSO, School of Geosciences)