Health & Safety Department


Services provided by the Department.

Professional advice

The Health and Safety Office is the core of the Health and Safety Department where the Director and Deputy Director oversee the operation of the six supporting units and provide guidance and information on all aspects of policy and legislation for work throughout the University.


Health and Safety Department provide health and safety training mainly for staff but also some students and on a commercial basis. This training is provided by the Training and Audit, Biosafety, Fire Safety and Radiation Protection Units. Some of this this training is also available on a commercial basis.


Most of the Departments finances are dealt with by the Departmental Administrator. If you have any queries, please get in touch via email. For Fire Safety or Occupational Health invoices/orders, please call or email those units respectively.


The Training and Audit Unit undertakes subject specific audits on a regular basis, including the University wide management audits in conjunction with AON.

Monitoring of workplaces

The Occupational Hygiene Unit can undertake basic monitoring of workplaces including noise, temperature and humidity.

Accident and incident investigation

We review and analyse all accidents and incidents that are reported to us. We also investigate the more serious accidents and report any findings and/or improvements to the Schools/Units concerned.

Competent Persons

The Departmental Professional staff are classed as 'Competent Persons' as defined by the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.

Liaison with enforcing authority

The Department liaises regularly with the Health and Safety Executive and the Local Authority with regard to accidents / incidents or other compliance issues.

Statutory recording and reporting

The Department is the central point of contact for various statutory recording and reporting issues, for example, reporting of accidents to the Health and Safety Executive.

Commercial function

We regularly undertake health and safety functions on a commercial basis, mainly in training, but also other project work.

University Health and Safety Committee

The University Health and Safety Committee reports directly to the University Court, and is responsible for the setting of policy in all areas of occupational safety and health within the University.