Graduate Attributes

The University of Edinburgh’s Graduate Attributes

Information about the mindsets and skills that make up the Graduate Attributes Framework

What does it mean to be a University of Edinburgh graduate?

Every student and graduate is unique.  They each have their own experiences, learning and way of approaching life.  The quality, depth and breadth of their experiences while at the University of Edinburgh develop characteristic attributes that set them apart.

University of Edinburgh graduates have:

  • curiosity for learning that makes a positive difference
  • courage to expand and fulfil their potential
  • passion to engage locally and globally

University of Edinburgh graduates are:

  • creative problem solvers and researchers
  • critical and reflective thinkers
  • effective and influential contributors
  • skilled communicators


The seven aspects complement each other and different combinations of attributes will be used in different contexts throughout our students' and graduates' lives, both within and outside their career, academia and citizenship.

Shaped by our students' experiences, personalities and academic subjects, these graduate attributes evolve over time.  They divide into two types: mindsets that influence our students’ and graduates’ behaviours, and groups of skills that empower their actions.

University of Edinburgh Graduate Attributes: Mindsets

University of Edinburgh Graduate Attributes: Skill groups


A printable Graduate Attributes summary: