Strategic Plan 2016

Measuring success

The delivery of the Strategic Plan 2016 will be a University-wide endeavour.

Our schools and support groups are key to delivering  the Plan, and we will work together to achieve its goals.

We will measure our performance against the objectives of the Plan through a combination of quantitative metrics and narrative  case studies that illustrate the changes taking place across the organisation.

The University Court, as our governing body, has overall responsibility for strategic development. Court will monitor a set of strategic measures that focus  on the impacts from the Plan, particularly  those that highlight areas of highest risk and change.

Performance indicators

The University’s Central Management Group oversees the University’s performance. This group will regularly see indicators that illustrate how our aims are being achieved at operational levels and that indicate whether we will achieve our desired impacts.

Schools and  support groups will also articulate the ways in which they contribute to the delivery of the Plan, reflecting the distinctive strengths of different parts of the University. The ways that these differently deliver on the Strategic Plan’s objectives will be reflected in the overall performance framework.