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Research Policy Group

The Research Policy Group meets five times per year to discuss University-wide research policy issues and to receive reports on issues relating to research policy, research integrity and the responsible use of research metrics from its subgroups

The Research Policy Group was established in 2008. The Group aims to not interfere with research issues that are more properly handled within the Colleges, but does help manage cross-College activities and promote interdisciplinary research. RPG plays a role in prioritising funding applications where numbers are restricted which is consistent with Universities UK good practice.

RPG's membership includes the Senior Vice Principal (Chair); the three College Deans of Research;  the Director of the Edinburgh Research  Office; the Chief Information Officer; CEO of Edinburgh Innovations;  Deputy Secretary ( Strategic Planning); Assistant Director of Institute of Academic Development; and the Head of Strategic Performance and Research Policy.

Research Policy Group -  REF 2021 preparations

RPG played a key role formulating the University’s REF2014 submission strategy and policy. For REF2014, the University was rated 4th in the UK for Research Power, which is a measure of both the quality and breath of research.  RPG will be the main forum for REF2021 discussions and will make recommendations to the University Executive.  RPG does not hold a budget.

Research Policy - Research Ethics and Integrity

RPG has oversight of good research practice and stewardship of University wide research policies that relate to research ethics and integrity.  Via its subcommittee, the Research Ethics and Integrity Review Group (REIRG), RPG ensures the University meets its obligations under the UUK Research Integrity Concordat. RPG considers reports from REIRG at its meetings.  It was agreed by Central Management Group in October 2015 this reporting mechanism provided greater scrutiny of policies and procedures with regard to research ethics and integrity than the previous arrangement of an annual meeting. As required by law the University has separate arrangements for the approval and monitoring of the conduct of scientific programmes involving animals and the participation of volunteers in clinical trials.

How we support Research Integrity at University of Edinburgh


Minutes are uploaded after they have been formally confirmed as an accurate record by members. Agenda and minutes of meetings prior to 2014-15 have been archived and are available on request.

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