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The Research Excellence Framework (REF) is the system used to assess the quality of research in UK HEIs. The REF2014 results were published in December 2014. The results of REF provide information about the quality of a university's research are used to inform research funding.

REF2014, the last REF exercise, had the following stated aims:

  • inform the selective allocation of research funding to HEIs
  • provide benchmarking information and establish reputational yardsticks
  • provide accountability for public investment in research and demonstrate its benefits

The REF2014 results were published on 18 December 2014.

University of Edinburgh's performance in REF2014

UK REF results publication


University of Edinburgh REF2014 Intranet

The University's REF2014 intranet provided advice and support to help staff in College Offices and Units of Assessment (UoAs) in preparing the REF2014 submission.

UoE REF2014 Intranet

REF2014: management

Information on the management of REF2014 by the UK Higher Education funding bodies, including guidance and the full submissions and results, is available on their website

REF2014 website

REF2014 : Equality Impact Analysis

As set out in the REF2014 Guidance on Submissions, the funding bodies required all institutions to conduct an EIA on their policy and procedures for selecting staff for REF2014 and expect all institutions to publish their final EIAs after the submission has been made, as a matter of good practice.

University of Edinburgh REF2014 Equality Impact Analysis