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RA2018 - A Guide

A high-level view of the RA2018 Project Plan, complete with comprehensive guide to provide more detailed information.

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The main objective of the RA2018 project is to design a straightforward, logical and equitable methodology for the allocation of financial resources to Colleges and Support Groups on a rolling three-year basis, set within a clear ten-year context. It will provide transparency of where and how income is generated, support the delivery of the University’s longer-term strategic objectives and ensure long-term financial sustainability.

RA2018 provides a framework for the resource allocation to Colleges and an approach to the funding of Support Groups. The allocation of resources to Schools & Planning Units is at the discretion of the budget holders. Budget holders are the heads of each College and Support Group plus the Corporate Budget Holder.

It is anticipated that RA2018 will be a framework and that final allocations will be tempered by the collective strategic consideration of the University reflecting emergent challenges and opportunities.


If you would like more comprehensive information, the complete guide can be found at the bottom of the page.


What is the RA2018 Project?

A decline in transparency over time is not unusual and a formal review/replacement of a RAM every 6-8 years is good practice. So this project needs to make sure that we refresh our RAM so that it is capable of supporting strategy effectively and transparently.  To encourage maximum acceptance and take up, RA2018 is being developed iteratively. A prototype, “proof-of-concept” developed in 2015, has been refined and modified based on input and feedback from key stakeholders on how elements of the model fit into it.  It will continue to be refined during its lifetime.


Project Phases

Phase Time Description

Phase One:


June 2014 – January 2015

Requirements Understanding

Consultation on Principles

Overall design of Prototype

Approval of Prototype

Phase Two:

Development & Implementation

February 2015 – July 2018 Consultation on components Development of technical aspects of Resource Allocation Model Development of supporting processes Development of Service Expectation Statements Integration of Planning Discussions Integration of RA2018 with Budgeting Shadow RA2018 + review + amendments Live RA2018

Phase Three:

Project Transition & Close

August 2018 – October 2018

RA2018 review

Commence continual improvement cycle

Project close + handover

Post Implementation Review


Key Project Deliverables



Cost Driver Definitions and Principles


Service Expectation Statements

Income Attribution Principles

Shadow RA2018 Baseline + GAP Analysis


Shadow RA2018 Iterations + GAP Analyses

Service Expectation Statement Process

Strategic Fund Process

Planning Round Integration


RA2018 Iterations + GAP Analyses

Project Health Checks & Shadow RA2018 Review

Transition Process

2018/19 Post Implementation Review


Supporting Documents