Governance & Strategic Planning

In Attendance

Attendees at Court.


  • Senior Vice-Principal Jonathan Seckl, responsible for Planning, Resources and Research Policy
  • Sarah Smith,¬†Vice-Principal Strategic Change and Governance; and University Secretary
  • Vice-Principal Dorothy Miell, Head of College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Vice-Principal Moira Whyte, Head of College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
  • Vice-Principal David Robertson, Head of College of Science and Engineering
  • Vice-Principal Colm Harmon, responsible for Students
  • Vice-Principal (Interim) Corporate Services, Catherine Martin
  • Vice-Principal and Chief Information Officer, Gavin McLachlan
  • Lee Hamill, Director of Finance
  • Tracey Slaven, Deputy Secretary Strategic Planning
  • Gavin Douglas, Deputy Secretary Student Experience
  • Gary Jebb, Director of Place
  • Leigh Chalmers, Director of Legal Services
  • Theresa Merrick, Director of Communications and Marketing¬†
  • James Saville, Director of Human Resources
  • Lewis Allan, Head of Court Services (Clerk)