Legal Services


Details of Membership of the Knowledge Strategy Committee

2021 - 2022

  • Colm Harmon (Interim Convener)
  • Sarah McAllister, Court Appointee
  • Claire Phillips, Court Appointee
  • Sue Currie, Court Appointee
  • Kathryn Nash, Court Appointee
  • Melissa Highton, Senate appointee
  • Siân Bayne, Senate appointee
  • Tina Harrison, Senate appointee
  • Paul Norris, Senate appointee
  • Gavin McLachlan, Vice-Principal, Chief Information Officer and Librarian to the University
  • Tara Gold, EUSA Vice-President Education

In Attendance

  • Catherine Martin, Vice-Principal Corporate Services
  • Lee Hamill, Director of Finance
  • Barry Neilson, Director of Strategic Change
  • Jo Craiglee, ISG
  • Sheila Fraser, MVM
  • Iain Gordon, CSE
  • Melissa Terras, CAHSS 
  • Sue MacGregor, Director of Academic Services
  • Lewis Allan, Head of Court Services (Clerk)