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Research Integrity

The University of Edinburgh is committed to giving research integrity and governance a high profile and is firmly embedded in the University’s ethos and culture. The University complies with the five commitments set out in the Universities UK Concordat to support research integrity.

The UUK concordat's five commitments are

  • maintaining the highest standards of rigour and integrity in all aspects of research
  • ensuring that research is conducted according to appropriate ethical, legal and professional frameworks, obligations and standards
  • supporting a research environment that is underpinned by a culture of integrityand based on good governance, best practice and support for the developmentof researchers
  • using transparent, robust and fair processes to deal with allegations of researchmisconduct should they arise
  • working together to strengthen the integrity of research and to reviewing progress regularly and openly

The University's Research Ethics and Integrity report for the academic session 2016/17 will be uploaded to this webpage when it has been accepted by the University's Risk Management Committee when it meets in October.

The University's named contact for those wishing to raise confidential issues about research integrity is Professor Jonathan Seckl (Vice-Principal Planning, Resources and Research policy).

Research Policy Group (RPG)

TheResearch Policy Group is responsible for overseeing, directing and monitoring research strategy, policy and integrity matters at the University of Edinburgh. Chaired by the Vice Principal for Planning, Resources and Research Policy, the Group reports to the University’s Central Management Group and meets five times each year. RPG approves each College's annual Research Ethics and Integrity report. It also recommends the Annual University Research Ethics and Integrity report be approved by the University's Risk Management Committee.  The Risk Management Committee is a thematic Committee of University Court.

Research Policy Group

Risk Management Committee

Research Ethics and Integrity Review Group (REIRG)

This group was established by the Research Policy Group in autumn 2014 to ensure that research integrity and governance has a strong profile at Edinburgh and is firmly embedded in the University’s ethos and culture.

Research Ethics and Integrity Review Group

Research ethics

Ethics is a key criterion of Research integrity. Research ethics at Edinburgh is operationally devolved to the 22 Schools and overseen by the 3 Colleges.

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine     College of Science and Engineering

Via the Research Ethics and Integrity Review Group, the University's Research Policy Group ensures that each College is monitoring the effectiveness of, and compliance with School ethics approval policies and procedures. REIRG also ensures that the Colleges' expectations are consistent with the UUK Concordat on Research Ethics and Integrity

University policies

The University maintains a comprehensive list of policies which serve to ensure compliance with the highest standards of research ethics and integrity

University policies relating to the conduct of research

Research Ethics and Integrity policies of bodies that fund University Research

A  comprehensive list of links to the policies relating to research ethics and Integrity of the University's key funders

University's key funders Ethics and integrity policies