Learn more about the alumni who studied at the University during the 1960s.

Geoff Palmer

Sir Geoff Palmer became Scotland’s first Black professor in 1989. He’s achieved an OBE and been named as one of the ‘100 Great Black Britons’.

Azar Besharat Moayeri

Azar Besharat Moayeri became Edinburgh’s first female graduate in Chemical Engineering in 1967. She began a family business which manufactures Canada’s first natural wax products.

Kenneth Ramchand

Kenneth Ramchand illustration
Kenneth Ramchand is an influential author and is currently Professor Emeritus of West Indian Literature at UWI and at Colgate.

Semei Nyanzi

Semei Nyanzi was a pre-eminent economist and prominent government participant, and was a powerful voice for reform in postcolonial Uganda.