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Find out about our sustainability goals and commitments and how Go Abroad for Staff can contribute to these.

Environmental Sustainability Commitment

Environmental sustainability is one of the most important and urgent issues facing society. Edinburgh Global takes its duty very seriously in relation to this and we are committed to making more efficient use of our resources and sustainable ways of working, travelling and living.

Our Environmental Sustainability Commitment represents Edinburgh Global's contribution to the University’s sustainability strategy and target of being carbon zero by 2040. We will review our commitment annually and involve all colleagues.

Read our Environmental Sustainability Commitment

SDGs Sustainable development goals

Sustainable development goals 

The University aims, in its operations, research, learning and teaching, to engage with and contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, both locally and globally.   

SWAY is keen to identify and promote Study and Work Away activities which address or contribute to these goals.  We would welcome the support of colleagues to help us in this task.

Please let us know about any Sustainable Development Goals which you, your School, Unit or students are engaged in and we'll share them on these pages - share your activity with us.

Climate conscious travel

Travelling abroad has an inevitable environmental impact. As part of the University’s goal to be carbon zero by 2040,  it’s important to reflect on the sustainability of long distance travel.  Short and long haul flights are major contributors to global carbon emissions.

When you can, avoid flying - take a train or other low-carbon options.  Where this is not an option, think about ways you can minimise your carbon footprint from flying:

  • consider destinations that are closer to the UK
  • take direct flights where possible
  • don't take additional flights when abroad

There are various offsetting schemes available to mitigate the environmental impact of your activities, supporting many different projects.  The University's Department of Social Responsibility and Sustainability (SRS) currently recommend the ForestCarbon scheme to individuals and groups at the University. 

ForestCarbon Calculator

Use the ForestCarbon calculator to calculate the cost of offsetting your carbon footprint:

In addition, when you’re abroad (or even when you're not!) try walking, cycling, or using public transport rather than taking a car or taxi. 

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The University's Department of Social Responsibility and Sustainability (SRS) have more information and ways  you can get involved in supporting sustainability issues:

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