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Fees and funding

Find out what costs and fees you should be aware of and funding you may be able to apply for.

 Costs to consider

It's really important to consider all the costs you'll need to consider for your exchange or placement.  You will need to budget for things like:
  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Visas
  • Insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • Personal expenses
  • Administrative fees at the host institution

Some countries require you to evidence in advance that you have sufficient funds for your time abroad. Evidence of funds can include things like copies of either your own or your parents’/guardians’ bank account; a notification letter of a scholarship/grant, and/or proof of accessible savings/investments. It often excludes things like your parents’ salary - it has to be funds you have readily available.

The amount you need to show may vary across countries and institutions but can be as high as $25,000. Please research the required amount for your chosen destination before applying.

Budgeting for your time abroad

To help you figure out what costs you can expect and structure your income considerations, we have put together some Budgeting tools.  

This may help you prepare for your time abroad and includes resources to support your research – we hope you’ll find it helpful in working out your budget.

Exchange budgeting tool

Placements budgeting tool

The Advice Place has some useful information on money and budgeting:

 Advice Place

The Scholarships and Student Funding Service also provides some useful guidance on managing your money and financial support:

Scholarships and Student Funding

Tuition fees at  Edinburgh

Students going on exchange will continue to pay tuition fees to the University of Edinburgh but will not be expected to pay any tuition fees at their host institution. 

If you normally pay a tuition fee to the University of Edinburgh, taking part in an exchange programme might affect this.  To check what your fees will be, please refer to the Tuition Fees pages. You can find the Studying Away Fees under the year you are going on exchange or placement.

Student loans 

Students going on exchange keep their entitlement to UK sources of funding such as student loans and should apply to their awarding body in the normal way, indicating that they will be studying abroad.

Some student funding bodies have deadlines by which you may need to apply for funding. Contact your student funding body to find out more. You may also be able to apply to your funding body for an additional travel grant:

Note: If you meet the Turing Scheme’s widening access criteria you will be eligible for additional financial support from the Turing Scheme including a travel grant, and you are therefore not permitted to receive funding from another source (such as your student loan provider) if this is intended to support your travel costs specifically.