Study abroad in Edinburgh

International Exchange

We have over 200 exchange places for students from partner universities outside Europe.

The programme at a glance

You can apply for International Exchange if you are currently enrolled in your first year (or above) of study at a non-EU university that has an international exchange agreement with the University of Edinburgh AND your home institution has nominated you to study with us.

Although it is possible to study in Edinburgh during Semester 1, Semester 2 or the full academic year, the length of time you can study here might depend on the exchange agreement we hold with your home university.

You can check our exchange agreement list to see if we have an exchange link with your university. If we do, the next step is to contact the Study Abroad Adviser or International Office at your home institution to enquire whether International exchange will be a possibility for you.

What can I study?

If you are coming on a general (university-wide) international exchange agreement then you are free to apply to either the College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences OR the College of Science and Engineering.

If you are coming on a subject specific international exchange agreement then you will be required to take two thirds of your courses in the subject area of the International exchange agreement we hold with your home institution.

Check with your Study Abroad Adviser at your home university for advice.