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Cells to Organisms 2 (BIME08011)


Biomedical Sciences





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The overall aim is to show how cells work together to form functional tissues and organs and how this is important to normal functioning of organisms.Course aims To support the theme of the new programme Year2 Foundational understanding of Biomedical Sciences:o Students will develop an understanding of core concepts in cell biology relevant to the understanding of multicellular organisms. o Students will be strongly encouraged to form an integrated view of the topics presented (rather than seeing lecture blocks as standalone topics)o The experimental basis of scientific knowledge will be emphasised (How do we know what we know) To support the Schools objective of enhancing the student experience and student support, the new course willo Place clear emphasis on formative assessment o Implement timely and useful feedback opportunities

Course Description

Assessment Information

Written Exam 50%, Coursework 35%, Practical Exam 15%

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Exam (50%) ICA (50%) (composed of in-course problem 35% and an online Practical Test 15 %)

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