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Decentering Medieval and Renaissance Italy (ELCI10037)


European Languages and Cultures - Italian





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Visiting Students must have completed Italian Language 2 (ELCI08004) AND Italian Literature: Texts in Context 2 (ELCI08005) or equivalent courses at grade B or above. **Please see Additional Restrictions below**

Course Summary

Decentering Medieval and Renaissance Italy explores how cultural, religious, and social identities were formed within and beyond its major centres of power, legal and religious institutions, and mainstream forms of artistic representation. This interdisciplinary course examines and contextualises discourses on topics such as religion and morality, gender and sexuality, race and exotic otherness, individualism and community building in Italian culture. By drawing upon intermediality and decolonial studies, this course offers a unique approach to these topics, providing students with new tools to interpret Italian Medieval and Renaissance Culture.

Course Description

Decentering Medieval and Renaissance Italy is taught in two weekly hours that combine lectures, seminars, and, occasionally, laboratories. It explores the formation of cultural, religious, and social identities, by considering centres of power, legal and religious institutions, and mainstream forms of artistic representation, as well as margins, peripheries, interstitial cultural spaces, and distant perspectives (in time and space). It is organised as follows: Medieval and Renaissance Italy: Discourses and Centres of Power (wks 1-2), Methods of Intermediality and Decolonial Studies (wk 3), Beyond Florence (wks 4-5), Beyond Christianity (wks 6-7), Beyond Heroes and Heroines (wks 8-9), Beyond Medieval and Renaissance Italy: Modern and Contemporary Remakes (wk 10), Submissions Preparation and Delivery (wks 11-12) for a total of 20 engagement hours. This is an interdisciplinary course where students engage with a variety of literary, philosophical, and political texts, as well as with painting, sculpture, decorative and performative arts. Students are taught how to develop an intermedia methodology and build a critical narrative across arts and media. Decentering Medieval and Renaissance Italy is open to all students eligible for Levels 10 and 11 study at Edinburgh. The course is taught in English.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

Additional Restrictions

This course cannot be taken alongside Italian Language 2 (ELCI08004) OR Italian Literature: Texts in Context 2 (ELCI08005).

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