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International Development, Aid and Humanitarianism (AFRI08001)


African Studies





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Course Summary

This course allows undergraduate students to develop an understanding of international development, aid and humanitarianism from various social scientific perspectives (including politics, economics, anthropology, geography, and history). The course will explore the histories, impacts and legacies of international development planning and policy, introducing students to foundational issues in development studies, and offer them the opportunity to create a policy brief on a specific theme. At the end of the 10-week course, students will be able to discuss and analyse key debates in the theory and practice of international development and will have a firm grounding in the historical and political contexts that continue to frame 'development' and 'humanitarianism' at both the local and global level.

Course Description

The course aims to give you a brief introduction to a broad range of topics, including conflict, natural disasters, and humanitarian responses; global public health; the relationships between economic growth and inequality; the appeal and problems of aid and trade; international patterns of power and dependency; processes of urbanisation and rural development; understandings of forced migration; the politics of sustainable development; digital technology and poverty; and microfinance and financial inclusion.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 60%, Coursework 40%, Practical Exam 0%

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