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Mechanical Engineering Group Project 4 (MECE10007)

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Mechanical Engineering





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Course Summary

The Group Project is concerned with gathering, critically analysing and presenting a coherent body of information on an engineering-related topic. Students are allocated into groups and assigned a supervisor. The group chooses a theme/project and each member of the group is assigned a topic relevant to the theme. The students, operating as a group, are required to research the theme, developing a body of interrelated knowledge and an understanding of their topics. This is accomplished primarily through investigation of the published literature, and by making contact with industry and other organisations. The objective is to collect, distil, analyse and present in a logical fashion, a summary of the information collected.

Course Description

In this course you will build upon your existing knowledge of engineering (both technical and non-technical) to solve an engineering problem that one may encounter in the real world. As many engineering problems are solved in teams, the student will learn to solve engineering problems as a team. Therefore, students are allocated into teams of 4-6 and assigned an academic supervisor. This course has three main objectives: 1. To give students the experience of working as a member of a team carrying out a major project. Within industrial & research environments, almost all work is undertaken in teams.2. To improve the student s communication and inter-personal skills through reporting and formally presenting his/her analysis and findings.3. To serve as a vehicle for integrating the necessary technical subject materials in order to reach the project s goals.In order to meet these objectives each group is expected to: A. Identify, select, collate and evaluate relevant information from a variety of sources for their project.B. Give short, professionally presented seminars on the aspects of their project.C. Discuss the importance of technical and non-technical aspects of engineering towards their project.D. Write a clear, well-presented report containing critical assessment of the information they have found and setting it in context with sound conclusions.E. Have a final presentation (oral exam) to describe, support and critically praise the aspects of their project.The students are assessed based on a video pitch (10%), final presentation (10%) and a final written report (80%). The AHEP learning outcomes for this course are: SM1b, SM3b, EA1b, P1, P2, P4, P11, G1, G4

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

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