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Dynamics 4 (MECE10002)


Mechanical Engineering





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Course Summary

The Dynamics 4 course provides an understanding of core aspects of advanced dynamic analysis, dealing with system modelling, dynamic response and vibration analysis, structural dynamics both in the linear and non-linear regimes, wave propagation and the dynamics of continuous and multi-degree of freedom systems. The main objective is to obtain an understanding and appreciation of the potential and limitations of analytical approaches and solutions, and the value of these in underpinning modern computer methods for simulating dynamic structural response.

Course Description

The Dynamics 4 course covers the following three main subject areas:1. The Lagrange method of analytical dynamics. This is a formal approach for setting up equations of motion (EoM) for complex dynamic systems with dynamic constraints (e.g. constrained motions). Free Body Diagrams (FBD) prove quite difficult when dealing with complex systems which operate under dynamic constraints. Lagrange's method, however, allows the derivation of correct Equations of Motion through formal calculations from the energy functions of the system. Covered applications include the analysis of the conditions for dynamic system stability.2. Wave propagation in continuous systems. Systematic approaches for deriving the parameters of lumped-parameter descriptions. Properties of wave propagation, including sound propagation, and the standing waves which characterise the fundamental vibration modes of continuous systems with boundaries. Longitudinal and transverse waves and solutions to the corresponding differential equations (e.g. standing and travelling wave solutions)3. Vibration of multi-degree-of-freedom systems, using the more formal approach of principal coordinate analysis to describe vibration behaviour, and to analyse vibration hazards in engineering structures.[AHEP outcomes: SM2m, EA1m, EA3m]

Assessment Information

Written Exam 100%, Coursework 0%, Practical Exam 0%

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