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Introduction to Quantum Computing (INFR11099)







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Visiting students are required to have comparable background to that assumed by the course prerequisites listed in the Degree Regulations & Programmes of Study. If in doubt, consult the course lecturer.This course is open to full year Visiting Students only, as the course is delivered in Semester 1 and examined at the end of Semester 2.

Course Summary

The aim of this course is to give students a basic overview of the rapidly growing field of Quantum Computation (QC). The course will start with a brief introduction of the mathematical framework of QC. The two models of quantum circuit and measurement-based quantum computing will be introduced. We cover the most important quantum subroutines and their application to well-known quantum algorithms and compare their performance with respect to classical computing. We finish the course by surveying few more advanced topics, such as quantum error correction, algorithms for near-term architectures and secure delegated QC.

Course Description

- Basic concepts from Linear Algebra necessary for understanding the axioms of Quantum Mechanics, - Axioms of Quantum Mechanics, describing quantum system, quantum operators, composition, entanglement and measurements - Quantum Computing via quantum circuit model: Description of qubit and universal set of gates. - The first quantum protocols: Quantum teleportation and super dense coding - Quantum subroutines such as Phase Kick-back, Quantum Fourier Transform or Phase-Estimation - Quantum Algorithms such as Grover's Search, Deutsch-Jozsa, Bernstein-Vazirani or Shor. - Quantum Computing via measurement-based model: Description of graph state and measurement calculus - Advanced Topics: quantum error correction, algorithm for near-term architectures, unconditionally secure quantum cloud computing

Assessment Information

Written Exam 75%, Coursework 25%, Practical Exam 0%

Additional Assessment Information

Exam 75%Coursework 25%

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