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Informatics 2C - Introduction to Computer Systems (INFR08027)







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Applied knowledge of programming language basics in a modern programming language (e.g., Java).Recommended: basic knowledge of Boolean algebra and finite automata

Course Summary

This course is concerned with the design, implementation and engineering of digital computer systems. It offers an introduction to the internal structure of digital computers.

Course Description

The primary aim of the course is to convey an understanding of the internal structure and implementation of digital computers. To impart this knowledge, we first explain how the interface between hardware and software is typically constructed. This interface consists of several key components:* The binary representation and manipulation of atomic data.* The structure of a typical instruction set.* The environment in which a program executes, and the notion of processes and virtual memory.In addition to explaining the interface between hardware and software, this course introduces the ideas behind the hardware implementation of a processor. This consists of several further components:* Combinational logic - how simple stateless building blocks such as adders, multiplexers and decoders can be constructed from logic elements.* Sequential logic - how components with state, such as latches, registers, register files and memories can be constructed from logic elements.* Processor structure - how a simple instruction set can be implemented using combinational and sequential logic components.This course includes a brief introduction to the C programming language, which is widely used as a systems programming language.*** This course replaces Informatics 2C - Introduction to Computer Systems (INFR08018) (10 credit) course. ***

Assessment Information

Written Exam 50%, Coursework 50%, Practical Exam 0%

Additional Assessment Information

Written Exam: 50% Engagement quizzes: 10% Coursework: 40% In order to pass the course, you must obtain a combined total mark of at least 40%.

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