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Informatics 1 - Introduction to Computation (INFR08025)







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SCE H-grade Mathematics or equivalent is desirable.

Course Summary

Note: This course is only available to Informatics students and those on combined Informatics degrees with Maths and PPLS. It is currently at full capacity. If this course is a compulsory part of your degree programme and you need to be enrolled, please contact the course secretary on 0131 650 5194.**This 20 credit course replaces the two 10 credit courses - 'Informatics 1 - Functional Programming INFR08013' and 'Informatics 1 - Computation and Logic INFR08012' from 2018/19**.An introduction to concepts of programming, using a functional programming language, and to concepts of computation and specification using finite-state systems and propositional logic. These provide examples of the logical ideas of syntax and semantics and the computational ideas of structure and behaviour. Students learn to specify, model and solve small-scale problems succinctly and at an abstract level.

Course Description

An introduction to concepts of programming, using the Haskell functional programming language, and to concepts of computation and specification, using finite-state machines and propositional logic. The use of sets, functions and relations to describe models of logic and computation. Programming using functions and data structures, including lists and trees, equational reasoning, case analysis, recursion, higher-order functions, algebraic and abstract data types. Finite-state machines as a basic model of computation: deterministic and non-deterministic automata; regular expressions; acceptors; structured design of finite state machines. Propositional logic: truth tables; satisfiability; deduction. Applications from different areas will be used to illustrate and motivate the material.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

Additional Assessment Information

Coursework: 100%The course will be assessed through a combination of short low-stakes quizzes (altogether worth 20% of the course mark) and weekly exercises (altogether worth 80% of the course mark).

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