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Human-Computer Interaction (Level 11) (INFR11017)

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Course Summary

The design and implementation of efficient, effective and user friendly computer systems, including software objects and physical internet-enabled things, depends upon understanding both the technology and its users. Only then can designers be confident that these information appliances will be properly matched to the skills, knowledge and needs of their users. The study of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) seeks to combine perspectives and methods of enquiry drawn from disciplines such as Interaction Design, Psychology and Sociology with the tools, techniques and technologies of Computer Science to create an approach to design which is both relevant and practical.

Course Description

* Background -- the development and scope of HCI. Practical goals. * HCI relevant issues in human perception, memory and thinking processes. * Approaches to designing information appliances -- software objects and physical things. * Design methodologies and notations -- levels of interface design, evaluation methodologies. * Techniques and technologies -- dialogue styles, information presentation. * The design process -- user involvement, iterative design, prototyping. * Evaluation -- methodologies, formative and summative. Performance analysis. * Specific issues in HCI -- for example: internet of things, novel interfaces, accessibility, and privacy. Relevant QAA Computing Curriculum Sections: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Information Systems, Systems Analysis and Design.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

Additional Assessment Information

Assessment is a combination of groupwork and individual assessment. Students will work on a larger hands-on HCI project in courseworks to gain experience. They will also engage in a range of smaller individual activities throughout the course to get experience in the different aspects of HCI.

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