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Human Geography (GEGR08007)







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Course Summary

Human Geography is a broad course designed to introduce students to key geographical debates, theories and concepts. The course provides a foundation to future studies in geography. Students will gain a broad understanding of the interaction between human societies and the spaces in which they exist, looking at a range of economic, cultural, social, and political processes at a variety of scales. The course will explore four key themes: (1) Environment, Society and Nature (2) Mobile Worlds; (3) Geographies of Difference, and (4) Politics and Space. Through these themes we will examine why geography matters to a series of contemporary debates and concerns, including: globalization, climate change, social inequality, capitalism, and the future. A variety of local, national and international case studies will be used to examine these substantive issues and to consider issues of social justice, values and ethics. During the course students will be encouraged to pursue their curiosity about the world around them and some of the most pressing, contemporary social, economic, political and cultural issues of our time.

Course Description

The course is taught using lectures and tutorials and supported by a range of online materials. The lectures will introduce students to key geographical themes and ideas. The tutorials will enable students to explore these themes in a group setting in which they will be asked to draw upon their own observations, experience and readings. In the Class Essay students are expected to demonstrate a critical understanding of some of the main concepts in human geography. In the Degree Project, students are expected to demonstrate a critical understanding of a key concept in human geography. Students will also be guided through a programme of directed reading that should feed into tutorials, essays and the take home examination.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 50%, Coursework 50%, Practical Exam 0%

Additional Assessment Information

Take Home Exam: 50%, Course Work: 50%, Practical Exam: 0%.Class Assessment: Essay (1,500 words), attendance at all tutorials, and submission of class essay.Degree Assessment: 50% Project (1,500 words), 50% take-home exam (one essay answer of 1,000 words). The 50/50 assessment reflects the relative teaching contact and independent study time which students are expected to spend in preparing for each part of the degree assessment. At least 40% must be achieved in each component (and overall) to pass the course.Assessment deadlines:Degree Essay - Week 9

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