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Geographies of Food (GEGR10140)







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The study of food in all its dimensions offers insights into a wide range of pressing questions in human geography. Food occupies everyone to some extent, connecting people to plantation economies and histories, regulations and markets, commodity cultures and ethical consumption, and collective understandings of risk, scarcity and abundance. This course provides students with historical, political economic and cultural understandings of food production, exchange/distribution and consumption, power-laden processes revealed as connected in time and space.

Course Description

The course seeks to enhance specialist knowledge of agri-food geographies, including a range of processes related to food and its globalisation, past and present. Students will engage in autonomous, group, and heuristic learning about agri-food geographies and their histories, economies, politics, moralities, cultures and networks. Through flipped lectures, in-person and virtual learning environments, student learning groups, seminars and presentations, students will gain a holistic understanding of agri-food systems in the global North and South, including current trends that are restructuring the North/South divide, complementing other courses with an international development focus. At the end of the course (COVID-19 restrictions pending) we will be sharing and celebrating our learning over a communal meal, at the final Geographies of Food Banquet.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

Additional Assessment Information

100% coursework, consisting of 40% group work and 60% essayThe group work mark consists of individual reflections plus short group presentations (weeks 2-10). The essay consists of a 2,500 word paper (excluding bibliography and notes) based on a question of your own design.The group work and essay need to be passed independently (40% or above).Assessment deadlines:Group work - Weeks 2-10Essay - Week 8

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