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Fundamental Methods in Geography (GEGR08009)







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Course Summary

****PLEASE NOTE THIS COURSE IS DESIGNED FOR STUDENTS ON THE GEOGRAPHY DEGREE PROGRAMMES ONLY - NOT APPLICABLE TO OUTSIDE DEGREE STREAMS (NON-GEOGRAPHY DEGREES)****The overall aim of the course is to provide an introduction to fundamental methods of geographical research.

Course Description

The course will provide an introduction to qualitative methodologies in Geography, statistical techniques and the purpose and scope of both qualitative and quantitative methods within geographical research. We will consider relevant examples from across the full range of the discipline. We will examine methods for data collection, data description, analysis and tests of association and difference. This will provide insights into the characteristics of the techniques and their overall value and utility within research.The goal to enhance the student learning experience within the Geography programme by developing underpinning methodological training at an early stage of the curriculum.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 40%, Coursework 60%, Practical Exam 0%

Additional Assessment Information

Exam: 40%, Course Work: 60 %, BOTH parts MUST be passed to pass the course as a whole. 60% of the degree assessment is on a research project of 1,500 words presented at the end of the teaching period (Thursday, week 11). You have to identify one research question of your own choice developed from a list of topics provided. You must:1. Clearly state the research question (one that must be able to be tackled using at least one of the methods considered in the course).2. Explain why the research question is important.3. Present an apt methodology: Explain what methods from the course you will use and why. 4. Gather data from secondary or primary sources5. Apply your chosen methods6. Analyse the data 7. Discuss the findings with reference to the wider academic literature8. Present considered conclusionsCoursework assessment deadline: Week 11

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