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Fluid Mechanics 2 (SCEE08003)







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Course Summary

The student should develop an awareness of the qualitive behaviour of fluids in typical situations so that models of problems can be set up for solution. The course's objectives are to:1. Produce quantitative solutions for models derived from some useful applications in the fields of measurement and pipe flow;2. Establish enough theoretical background to enable the range of validity of these basic solutions to be understood; and to 3. Provide a starting point with respect to terminology and theory for more advanced study in subsequent years.

Course Description

L1 Properties of Fluids Shear stress, viscosity, density, compressibility, surface tension.L2 Simple Flow Fields and Phenomena 1Laminar and turbulent flow states; flow in a duct, flow over a flat plate; flow round objects; separation & wakes; vortex shedding; drag. L3 Simple Flow Fields and Phenomena 2Reynolds number; Strouhal number. More simple flow fields; orifice flow, flow round bends. Terminology: external/internal; steady/transient, real/ideal, laminar/turbulent, compressible/incompressible; vectors, streamlines & pathlines.L4 Introduction to Dimensional AnalysisL5 Fluid Statics 1Pressure; variation of pressure with height; 'head'; manometers and other pressure measurement devices.L6 Fluid Statics 2Forces on submerged surfaces - 'centre of pressure', 'centre of force'.L7 The Continuity EquationThe continuity equation; flow between plane walls. pipe flow.L8 Equations of MotionEquation of motion along a streamline; steady-state equation (Euler's momentum equation); motion perpendicular to a streamline - significance of pressure gradients.L9 Bernouilli s EquationTime dependent Bernoulli equation; Steady state Bernoulli equation.L10 Applications of BernouilliExample applications of Bernoulli equation: siphons, flow with area change, flow around a pipe bend.L11 Velocity and Flow Rate MeasurementPitot tube & Pitot-static tube. Flow rate measurement - restriction flow meters (general); venturi meter.L12 Hydraulic StructuresOrifice plate; reservoir-orifice flow; linked reservoirs; orifice flow under varying head; flow over weirs.L13 Laminar and Turbulent FlowLaminar flow between plates. Laminar flow through a round pipe - Hagen Poiseuille equation.L14 Turbulent Flow in PipesHead/pressure losses due to friction; friction coefficient - functional dependency via dimensional analysis.L15 Losses in Real PipesMoody diagram & equation. L16 Pipe SystemsLosses in bends and fittings; loss coefficient.L17 The Momentum EquationThe momentum equation for steady flow.L18 Applications of the Momentum Equation Force of jet on plates and vanes; force on pipe bends; head loss due to sudden expansion / contractionL19 Revision / contingencyL20 Revision / contingency

Assessment Information

Written Exam 50%, Coursework 50%, Practical Exam 0%

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