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Engineering Principles 1 (SCEE08012)







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Course Summary

All engineers make use of fundamental scientific principles to design and construct the future. They work in inter-disciplinary teams to solve complex problems within the ever-changing environmental, economic, societal and policy landscape. In this context, Engineering Principles 1 provides an insight into what it is to be an engineer and showcases how engineering is done. It starts you off to a journey to become a successful engineer. In particular, Engineering Principles 1 will (i) introduce core engineering principles; (ii) explore how these principles can be employed to solve problems within an inter-disciplinary engineering context; (iii) put the problems and solutions into realistic context by taking into account elements of professional ethics, sustainability and safety; and iv) help you develop critical thinking and self-learning skills for flexible and agile engineering practice. Engineering Principles 1 will be delivered as a combination of pre-recorded lectures and in-person tutorials, as well as individual and group activities to explore the range of different aspects of relevance in engineering.

Course Description

The course is structured around two main areas, the Topics and the Projects. The Topics will cover a series of fundamental subjects of relevance to any engineer: Unit Measures, Dimensional Analysis, Guesstimation practice, and Experimental Skills. These are simple but extremely powerful engineering tools that can be employed within an inter-disciplinary context. In the Projects you will develop and build engineering designs and experiments, propose meaningful solutions to wicked problems, and consolidate your learning through reflective essays. You will do so by taking into account elements of professional ethics and the society, safety in the workplace, sustainability and the environment. The Projects are designed to help you nurture your professional skills and engineering judgement. The material posted in the EP1 Hub will help you broaden your perspective on the Projects, in turn supporting the completion of your four coursework submissions.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

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