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Microelectronics with Design and Manufacturing 3 (ELEE09034)


Electronics and Electronic Engineering





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Prior knowledge of basic semiconductor theory and operation principles of semiconductor devices is required and recommended. Basic knowledge of introductory statistics.

Course Summary

The objective of the course is twofold:- To provide students with an in-depth understanding of electronic device operation as well as the fabrication techniques used in their manufacture;- To introduce students to the design and manufacture of electronic products and the importance of quality control and design for manufacture.The course will cover the basics of semiconductor physics, the important building blocks of the p-n junction and MOS capacitor, and the operation and fabrication of MOS and bipolar transistors.Students will also be introduced to electronics industry relevant materials relating to product design and manufacture as well as the important developments that are driving future technologies.

Course Description

44 hours of lectures, 22 additional hours of engagement (including tutorials, examples classes and a software based laboratory exercise.Lectures will look at: (A) Semiconductor theory; (B) Field Effect Devices; (C) Junction Devices; (D) Microfabrication and Process Integration; (E) Electronic Product Design and Manufacture (F) Link between Design and Manufacture (G) Statistical Process Control (H) Design and Analysis of Experiments .Laboratory exercises will introduce the student to Process and Device Simulation.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 77%, Coursework 23%, Practical Exam 0%

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