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Introduction to Bioelectronics 4 (ELEE11110)


Electronics and Electronic Engineering





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Course Summary

Bioelectronics, as introduced in this course, involves the application of electronic engineering principles to biology, medicine, and the health sciences. An important aspect of bioelectronics is the development of a communication interface between biological materials (cells, tissue and organs) and electronic components.

Course Description

This course introduces the biochemical, biophysical and physiological concepts that are of relevance to bioelectronics, it also provides instruction in the basic science and engineering concepts required to understand the design and application of biosensors.Biosensors are defined as self-contained integrated devices capable of providing analytical information, using a biological recognition element in conjunction with a secondary transduction element. Different biosensor systems are explored, ranging from electrochemical devices, through to optical or thermal systems. Instruction is also given in the general principles of sampling and analysis, statistical presentation and manipulation of data acquired by biosensors.Finally this course examines the methods used to interface sensors for biological and biomedical applications with electronics. One focus will be on transducers, meaning devices which convert information from one form of energy to another. In this course the final form for the information will be an electrical signal but the transducers themselves could be optical, mechanical, etc., and operate in a number of different ways (eg., capacitive, potentiometric, photonic).This introductory course provides background that will be of particular use for the Semester 2 lab-on-chip technologies course.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 100%, Coursework 0%, Practical Exam 0%

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