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Analogue Circuits 3 (ELEE09026)


Electronics and Electronic Engineering





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Linear Circuit Theory, Kirchoff's Laws

Course Summary

This course aims to build on the material presented in second year and to give the students an intuitive feel for the basic building blocks of analogue circuits. To teach how to analyse and design discrete and integrated bipolar junction transistor (BJT) and CMOS based analogue circuits.

Course Description

Course description1.1 Introduction1.2 Current sources and sinks1.3 Small signal circuit models. Worked examples on small signal ac gain2.1 MOS: Introduction And Basic Operation2.2 MOS Small signal model2.3 First Circuits: source follower2.4 MOS Switch 2.5 Current sinks and current mirrors2.6 Cascode current mirrors2.7 Inverting amplifiers2.8 Cascode amplifiers2.9 Differential circuits, Worked examples

Assessment Information

Written Exam 70%, Coursework 30%, Practical Exam 0%

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