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Mathematical and computational methods in Geophysics (EASC09054)


Earth Science





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Mathematics including partial differentiation and differential equations.

Course Summary

This course introduces and develops mathematical and computational techniques commonly used in geophysics. The mathematics and computing are taught in an integrated manner so, for example, methods for finding an analytical solution to a differential equation are followed immediately by computing techniques for achieving the same aim.

Course Description

In this course, you will learn a range of core mathematical and computational methods that form the basis for future courses. 1. Solve a variety of mathematical problems as applied in a geophysical context 2. Learn the basis about coding in Python 3. Break scientific problems down into computationally tractable programs 4. Write clear, working, well documented programs in Python 5. Solve ordinary and partial differential equations using numerical techniques 6. Understand the basis of Monte Carlo methods The learning experience will be varied, mixing practical programming classes with traditional lectures and problemsolving tutorials. Where practical, we will reinforce the ideas from the mathematical methods within the computational classes.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 30%, Coursework 70%, Practical Exam 0%

Additional Assessment Information

Written Exam 30 %, Coursework 70 %, Practical Exam 0 %Coursework 70%, exam 30%. The exam will test the mathematical skills more than the computational ones, the coursework will do the reverse. Assessed Coursework will consist of one computing exercise (50% of course) and one set of mathematics problems (20% of course) One further set of maths problems and one further computing exercises will be marked for formative purposes. Formative Mathematics: Deadline Week 6Assessed Mathematics: Deadline Week 9For more information regarding deadlines, please refer to the learn page.Assessment deadlines Formative Computation (Formative assessment) 1 Semester 1, Week 6 Wednesday, 12 noon Formative Mathematics (Formative assessment) 2 Semester 1, Week 7 Wednesday, 12 noon Assessed Mathematics: Semester 1, Week 10 Wednesday, 12 noon Assessed Computation: Semester 1, Wednesday Week 11, 12 noon Written Exam Semester 1, December Exam Diet

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