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Hydrogeology 1: Applied Hydrogeology (EASC10082)


Earth Science





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Course Summary

Students will gain a knowledge that covers and integrates most of the principle areas, features, boundaries, terminology and conventions of applied hydrogeology. They will gain an understanding of the principal theories and concepts behind the development of conceptual hydrogeological models. They will cover a range of standard techniques for the investigation of hydrogeological parameters. They will be knowledgeable and skilled in the use of numerical data to solve issues in hydrogeology. In addition, they will be able to use both analytical and graphical techniques to predict the movement of groundwater and contaminant transport, as well as be able to produce water balances for catchment areas. Through group-based case studies on real life problems, which the students will present, the applicability of the subject area, its use and its limits are demonstrated. Completing these projects will require the students to appreciate the distribution of groundwater in different hydrogeological environments, requiring a synoptic understanding of hardrock and surface geology, facies interpretation and material characteristics. Finally accompanying the lecture series reference is made to the parameter uncertainty and its impact in terms of risk.

Course Description

The course will consist of lectures, tutorials and a field excursion.During lectures you will get exercises to complete which you can self asses. Tutorials will include demonstrations of the questions set. You can use these tutorial to get feedback on your work and provide a forum to discuss any items which are not clear from the previous lectures.Attendance at lectures and tutorials is expected and a register will be maintained.Chapter 1 Introduction to Applied Geoscience FoundationsChapter 2 Soil description for Applied Geoscience PurposesChapter 3 Groundwater FlowChapter 4 Groundwater GeochemistryChapter 5 Aquifer Investigation TechniquesChapter 6 Contaminant Transport

Assessment Information

Written Exam 80%, Coursework 20%, Practical Exam 0%

Additional Assessment Information

Field excursion (not assessed) Afternoon field excursion (may be Virtual field excursion) to the River Almond to describe a range of rock and soil types in the field using BS 5930, the British Standards Institution code of practice for site investigations. (Students travel independently to the field site) Course work 20% An essay at week 3 on a topical hydrogeology related research theme (chose 1 out of 11 options) and a group presentation per theme. The students have 3 weeks to complete the essay. The essay has a 1000-word limit and expectation of modest extra reading, between 4-10 references per essay. The essay and presentation accounts for 20% of the course work. Written exam: 80%. 1 hour 20 minutes + 1 hour digital upload exam (+ 1 hour for students with additional time adjustments) in the Semester 1, December exam diet.

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