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Applied Environmental Geochemistry (EASC10048)


Earth Science





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Only available for full year visiting students

Course Summary

This course is designed to build on environmental geochemistry introduced in previous years and is delivered through a suite of 2-hour sessions that include lectures followed by time for students to engage with and review the subject material. Students are expected to pursue independent study through recommended readings in order to reinforce and broaden their understanding of core material delivered in lecture. The course is assessed through a 90-minute exam in May. Consequently, the course is not suitable for students visiting for semester 1 only.Further Course Information

Course Description

SyllabusThe course is divided into the following topics, with one or more lectures dedicated to each.- Organic matter cycling: from organisms to fossil fuels.- Controls on the preservation and distribution of organic matter in marine sediments.-Biomarkers: applications of organic compounds, alone and with inorganic and stable isotopic parameters, as tracers of natural processes in present and past environments.- Geochemistry of trace metals in natural and contaminated environments.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 100%, Coursework 0%, Practical Exam 0%

Additional Assessment Information

Written Exam: 100% (May diet), Course Work: 0 %, Practical Exam: 0%. The 90-minute final exam consists of a first section of short-answer questions (obligatory, 30 minutes total) followed by two sections (30 minutes each) in which one of two essay-style questions is selected. Assessment deadlinesMay Exam.Assessment and Feedback information All details related to extensions procedures and late penalties can be found in the School of Geosciences Handbook, which can be found on the Learn UG Student Information Hub.

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