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Foundation Engineering 4 (CIVE10004)


Civil Engineering





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Course Summary

Foundation Engineering 4 builds on content learnt during Geotechnical Engineering 3 to explore the design of foundation systems according to Eurocode 7 design rules. The course comprises three major learning components: an introduction to ground investigation; the theory and design of deep (piled) foundations (including the alpha method, lateral capacity and group capacity calculations); and the design of shallow foundations (building around the "triple-N" equation approach). Each component is supported through tutorial questions, which also incorporate case study calculations from recent ground investigation or foundation design examples. Note that the course no longer comprises a supporting coursework.

Course Description

Lectures: Titles & ContentsL1. Introduction to Ground Investigations - Course structure, Ground investigation components: Desk Study, Field Reconnaissance. Example desk study.L2. Geotechnical Investigations: Exploration - Planning approaches for the GeoI, Soil sampling methods (trial pits, boreholes, samplers)L3. Geotechnical Investigations: In Situ testing - Determining ground properties from in situ test methods: SPT; CPT; shear vane; pressuremeter; rising/falling headL4. Introduction to Pile Design - Capacities of single piles and pile groups in homogeneous cohesive and non-cohesive soilL5. Pile vertical settlement - Settlement calculations for single piles and pile groups in homogeneous soilsL6. Pile design: Realistic soils and materials - Capacity calculations for single piles and pile groups in stratified soils - Settlement calculations for single piles and pile groups in stratified soilsL7. Pile design: Pile Lateral Capacity - Theory of pile lateral capacity and lateral capacity design charts (Fleming)L8. Geotechnical Design for Piles - Introduction to Eurocode 7 and the ultimate and serviceability limit states - Design of single piles and pile groups to Eurocode 7 (ULS and SLS)L9. Spread foundations: Capacities - Design of spread foundations to Eurocode 7 for vertical and horizontal drained and undrained capacity - "Triple N" equation for drained vertical capacityL10. Spread Foundations: Settlement - Implicit calculations for spread foundation vertical settlement - Empirical calculations for spread foundation vertical settlement (SPT, CPT and pressuremeter)L11. Mock Exam (course revision)

Assessment Information

Written Exam 100%, Coursework 0%, Practical Exam 0%

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