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Fire Science and Fire Dynamics 4 (CIVE10011)


Civil Engineering





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Course Summary

This course is intended to provide the knowledge required for quantitative fire hazard analysis. Physical and chemical behaviour of combustion systems as well as the impact of fire on materials will be addressed. The student will acquire skills for quantitative estimation of the different variables of fire growth. Basic principles of fire dynamics will be used to provide analytical formulations and empirical correlations that can serve as tools for design calculations and fire reconstruction. Focus will be given to the scientific aspects of fire but some basic features of fire safety engineering will be also developed.

Course Description

Lectures:1. How gases burn, including basic chemistry2. How liquids burn, including convection and radiation heat transfer3. How solids burn, including conduction heat transfer4. Spontaneous ignition and smouldering5. Piloted ignition 6. Fire spread and fire plumes7. Compartment fires, including flashover8. Compartment fires, continued9. Ceiling jet, structural interactions, backdraft10. Smoke11. Fire safety engineering applicationsAssignments:1. Basic Fire Science2. Compartment Fires

Assessment Information

Written Exam 80%, Coursework 20%, Practical Exam 0%

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