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Finite Element Methods for Solids and Structures 4 (CIVE10022)


Civil Engineering





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Structural Analysis/Mechanics

Course Summary

The finite element method (FEM) originated from the need to solve complex problems in solid mechanics. FEM is used to obtain approximate numerical solutions to a variety of equations of calculus. Today it is used in a wide range of disciplines. This course is an introduction to FEM as applied to elasticity problems in solid and structural mechanics. As FEA is a computational tool, this course includes practical exercises and a computer project using an FEM software package.

Course Description

The course covers the following topics: - Basics of the Finite Element Method. - FE terminology, analysis steps, and input/output. - FE Modelling: degrees of freedom; stress-strain and strain-displacement relations. - Virtual Work Basis of Finite Element Method - Triangular elements and numerical integration - Quadrilateral elements and isoparametric formulations - Beam elements for Structural Mechanics AHEP outcomes: SM1b, SM3b, SM5m, EA2, EA3m, G1; Possible outcomes: EA6m, D3m, P2, P8

Assessment Information

Written Exam 60%, Coursework 40%, Practical Exam 0%

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