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Environmental Engineering and Sustainability 2 (CIVE08023)


Civil Engineering





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Course Summary

This course presents a broad introduction to Environmental Engineering and Sustainability, covering the Hydrological Cycle, how to assess the quantity of water available for use (potable water supply, irrigation, etc.), how to ensure the required water quantity is sustainably met and what challenges are currently faced by Engineers. Furthermore, transport contamination in water will also be covered through Transport Phenomena Principles. Environmental sustainability will be examined in an Engineering context, including basic concepts such as life cycle analysis and environmental impact assessment. This course will encourage students to think in an interdisciplinary way, make judgements and decisions to solve environmental problems in an integrated way.

Course Description

Module 1: Environmental Engineering1.Introduction2.The Hydrological Cycle, Water Demand, Water Use and Water Resources and Systems3.Mass Balance Concepts4.Precipitation5.Evaporation and Evapotranspiration6.Flow Measurements7.Reservoir Storage and Yield8.Catchment ModellingModule 2: Environmental SustainabilityA.Introduction to Sustainable EngineeringB.Environmental Impact AssessmentC.Coursework project on environmental sustainabilityModule 3: Environmental Engineering9.Urban Runoff10.Pollution in Natural Water Resources and the Sag Curve

Assessment Information

Written Exam 70%, Coursework 30%, Practical Exam 0%

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